The Challenge

Hypertension is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, North America’s #1 Killer.


womens_banner3--PhysicianIt is estimated that 1 in 4 adults worldwide has hypertension (including 1 in 3 American adults) and that 9 out of 10 people will become hypertensive at some point in their life.

In the United States, 32% of hypertensives are not aware of their condition, and only 50% of hypertensives take their medication as prescribed. 


Improving Outcomes for the Hypertensive Patient


PharmaSmart offers an easy-to-use, low-cost solution to the challenge of managing the hypertensive patient. Our exclusive Smart Card and Digital Health Tracker™ online patient management tools offer a convenient and confidential solution for physicians and patients to obtain accurate blood pressure readings between regular physician visits. This self-administered solution brings efficiency and cost savings to the clinical environment and allows the medical staff more time to focus on patient care.

PharmaSmart’s community-based programs involve a multi-pronged approach including world class medical technology, advanced patient data management platforms, professional training, and execution models for pharmacy clients and educational tools and content for patients.


For more information about the following:

  • Find out where your patients can obtain a personal Smart Card
  • Obtain a PharmaSmart Doctor Detailing Kit
  • Obtain free prescription stickers recommending a Smart Card for your patients 

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Physician Benefits

Nick-and-patient-at-kiosk---GenericPharmaSmart offers physicians an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for improved management of the hypertensive patient. Our pharmacy-based programs help convert pharmacists into “Experts in Blood Pressure Management,” while helping to close the circle of care between the physician, patient, and pharmacist.  

Our technology and patient tools leverage the convenience and professionalism of a community pharmacy to enable improved between visit blood pressure tracking, patient consulting, and therapeutic compliance.  

This self-administered solution brings improved efficiency and cost savings to the clinical environment, and allows your medical staff more time to focus on patient care.

Physicians nationwide now support PharmaSmart kiosks as the trusted source in delivering accurate out of office blood pressure results.


PharmaSmart Program Advantages and Benefits


Independently Validated Accuracy – The PharmaSmart PS-2000 has been validated for accuracy by a published, independent clinical study.  It is considered as accurate as a well trained blood pressure technician. PharmaSmart’s unique and patented cuff design is proven to be comfortable and accurate for all adult arm sizes (up to 38 cm in circumference).

Ease of Use – PharmaSmart provides private, convenient blood pressure measurement, data retention, and tracking. Our easy-to-use blood pressure tracking technology maximizes patient participation. PharmaSmart exclusively offers one-button functionality on all models.

Smart Card Management Tool – Our unique user Smart Card enables patients to accurately and conveniently track their blood pressure readings between visits and report that data back to their physician. The PharmaSmart kiosk will print the cardholder’s last 10 readings, including dates and averages of systolic, diastolic, and pulse. The patient is encouraged to bring their printed report to their pharmacist and physician, allowing for improved patient management.  

Digital Health Tracker™ – PharmaSmart’s Digital Health Tracker™ portal allows PharmaSmart users to access their readings online. It also makes it easy for users to share their personal Digital Health Tracker™ page with their loved ones or healthcare provider. Like the PharmaSmart kiosk and the Smart Card, the Digital Health Tracker™ portal is easy to use and 100% confidential. Our open platform ensures compatibility with the medical record “ecosystem” – including physician (EMR), pharmacist (MTM), pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), and PHR patient data management networks.

Focus on Hypertension – Our program focuses on controlling hypertension, the #1 preventable disease state in North America. Our focused message and practical blood pressure tracking technology initiate a high impact, pharmacy-based patient management regimen.

Quality Equipment – PharmaSmart now serves 6,500+ retail pharmacies, hospitals, and worksites across North America, administering over 65 million blood pressure tests annually. Check out our testimonials for client testimonials on our quality assurance national service program.


PSI-GEN-036-ME-00-clipping-maskTo order your FREE doctor detailing stickers please contact (800) 781-0323. Simply apply a sticker to the prescriptions of select patients, ensuring that the pharmacy offers that patient a blood pressure Smart Card. This allows your patient to accurately report their blood pressure results to both their pharmacist and you via a printed blood pressure history with averages or via our online Digital Health Tracker™ portal.  


Ask your e-prescriber software provider to easily add the Offer Smart Card feature. It’s that simple! For more information call (800) 781-0323.

It’s a great way to say to your patients: “Be Smart. Track Your Blood Pressure!”

Doctor Detailing

physicianimage1In addition to providing technology and services to our retail pharmacy partners, PharmaSmart has launched a new Doctor Detailing program as a value-added service. In combination with our Health IT Integrated Software Solutions, our detailers can provide you critical information that helps physicians to both optimize their standard of care under today’s quality system mandate and boost out of office patient control rates.

When launching a PharmaSmart program into a new community, we have found it helpful to inform local physicians about the new pharmacy-based programs and how it can help them to provide improved hypertension management for their patients. Physicians can also utilize our web tools for locating the nearest PharmaSmart pharmacy. Contact us for additional details about this feature. 

Our brief visit to the local clinics gives physicians a better understanding of the technology, patient care tools, and professional pharmacy services that make our programs unique.  

Our representatives will leave behind a toolkit or can ship directly to the physician’s office to help them make the most of the PharmaSmart program offered at their local pharmacy. The toolkit includes keydoctor_detailing information and custom stickers that can be applied to the prescriptions of select patients, encouraging the local pharmacist to offer that patient a blood pressure Smart Card.

Many EMR and E-Script software providers are now offering PharmaSmart features inside their system. Call your software provider today and find out if they are connected with PharmaSmart.

The response to this new program has been outstanding, with many physicians embracing PharmaSmart as a new and practical patient care tool that can provide real benefits to their busy practices.  

Click here to go to our store and order your Doctor Detailing Kit. 

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