PS Points of Difference

90139575Independently Validated Accuracy
– The PharmaSmart PS-2000 is the only public-use blood pressure kiosk in production that has been validated for accuracy by a published, independent clinical study. PharmaSmart’s unique and patented cuff design is proven to be comfortable and accurate for all arm sizes. Conclusion: PharmaSmart equipment will provide accurate measurements for all users and will withstand scrutiny of the medical community.

Ease of Use
– PharmaSmart provides private, convenient blood pressure measurement, data retention, and tracking. Our easy-to-use one-button operation and blood pressure tracking technology maximizes consumer participation. PharmaSmart exclusively offers one-button functionality on all models.

Fully Branded Program – PharmaSmart provides a customized, retailer-specific look and feel — including unit header panels, display windows, software routine, pre-printed thermal paper, printed ticket messages, and online Digital Health Tracker™.

Smart Card – This consumer tool provides a new revenue source that will generate significant and recurring ROI.

Capture & Retain Hypertensive Consumer – PharmaSmart’s “Smart” patient tracking program enables retailers to build ongoing consumer loyalty through exclusive functionality. Custom, retailer-branded Smart Cards will not work in competitive stores. With PharmaSmart, once a user is converted to a retailer Smart Card, that consumer won’t simply migrate to equivalent programs offered by competitors.

Guaranteed Data Tracking – Not Network Dependent – Avoid IT implementation pitfalls and consumer disappointment. The PharmaSmart Smart Card eliminates the requirement for network connectivity. This ensures the consumer 100% access to a printed report of their last 10 readings (with averages) in the absence of a network or in the event of routine network failures.

Digital Health Tracker™ – PharmaSmart’s 2008 internet connectivity model offers confidential, seamless on-line management of consumer blood pressure data. The turnkey, HIPAA compliant Digital Health Tracker™ web application can be fully branded to support the retailer’s position on-line. Patented “Smart ID” web login eliminates password requirement, enabling a practical solution for consumers, their pharmacists, and healthcare managers. PharmaSmart’s open platform is compatible with the medical record “ecosystem” – physician (EMR), pharmacist (MTM), pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), and PHR providers.

Focus on Hypertension –  The PharmaSmart program focuses on hypertension, the #1 preventable disease state in North America. Our focused message and practical blood pressure tracking technology initiates a high impact pharmacy consultation and assists in closing the consumer-pharmacist-physician circle of care.


Secondary Points


Research Proven – Two rounds of AC Nielsen research have proven that PharmaSmart technology delivers greater ROI via improved consumer participation, compliance, discovery, and special trip visits. 81% of Smart Card users plan to use PS-2000 before arriving at the store, and 52% will visit the store more often to take their blood pressure.

Quality Equipment – PharmaSmart now serves 5,000+ retail pharmacies across Canada. Major retail pharmacy deployments (1600+ stores now offering the new Model PS-2000) have proven the durability and reliability of the PharmaSmart equipment.

Validated Usage Results – PharmaSmart provides 2 per year (or upon request) reports detailing cumulative chain usage. Reports include store-by-store breakdown of standard usage and Smart Card usage.

Guaranteed Performance – Equipment is backed by an intensive service program, and our agreements guarantee performance. We manage all leasing and selling agreements internally, and we are directly accountable to our retailer clients.

In addition to world class technology and customer service, PharmaSmart has developed a disciplined and structured pharmacy services approach that transitions pharmacists into Experts in Blood Pressure Management and overall health screening experts.

PharmaSmart works directly with pharmacy staff, providing the tools and training to maximize overall execution and visibility of the PharmaSmart blood pressure program. Our training ensures that pharmacists and technicians are offering a “best in class” hypertension management program that ensures patient participation and delivers sustained, long-term results.  


Pharmacy training consists of three basic levels:

Level 1 = Pre Launch (The beginning)

Level 2 = Launch (The launch period)

Level 3 = Post Launch (After we launch and ongoing)


Each level is designed to support a patient-first/pharmacy-first hypertension management program. PharmaSmart offers a comprehensive patient experience from Point of Sale visibility, through patient engagement, Smart Card delivery, and consultation. We support the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with cutting edge tools and an ongoing training and educational platform that make hypertension management a core pharmacy deliverable.  

This is part of our pledge to fulfilling the needs of every patient, boosting traffic, and bolstering your pharmacy bottom line. We focus on effective consultation and execution that allow your pharmacy to optimize offerings and management under today’s quality care system.

Smart Card Consultation

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the need for providers to take a more active role in their members’ rate of disease control has become increasingly apparent. To help payers and health plans conserve costs, reduce gaps in care, and improve outcomes, our Health Screening Systems and Integrated Health IT platform is key to optimizing both “Lite” Clinical Assessments and Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Our solution helps ensure that members’ medications are working properly, being used the right way, and achieving the desired results. Targeting “control” rates is exactly what our program drives.

Successful completion of MTM cases helps you improve Star Ratings performance, and CMS internal studies demonstrate impressive return on investment for MTM services.


Targeting “Control” begins with offering Smart Card Enrollment. Why are consultation skills important for all pharmacy professionals?

As a pharmacy professional, you play a key role in supporting people to manage their own health. Every time you speak with a patient or customer, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Whether you are a hospital pharmacist discussing treatment at the patient’s bedside, a community pharmacist conducting a medicines-use review, or a pharmacy technician leading a smoking cessation service, patient consultations are likely to be a core part of your role. With the time constraints of pharmacies today, you may find it a challenge to satisfy both your own and the patient’s agenda within the consultation. This learning and development program will support you in reflecting on and developing your knowledge, skills, and behaviours in order to meet the practice standards for effective consultations.

Why are effective consultation skills important? Putting the patient at the centre of the consultation.

What knowledge, skills, and behaviours support the effective patient-centred consultation?

The knowledge, skills and behaviours that are the key to developing your practice in conducting an effective patient-centred consultation are set out in the Consultation Skills for Pharmacy practice standards. The key skills range from basic communication skills, such as active listening, to more complex skills, such as applying specific questioning techniques and enabling patients to share in decisions and planning. No two consultations from pharmacy professionals will ever be the same–there is no blueprint. You will bring your own style and personality to each discussion, but revisiting and assessing your own skills and behaviours should be part of your continuing professional development, and once you are confident in the fundamentals, you can extend your practice by exploring health coaching. You can access the practice standards by visiting the next step on this learning pathway.

The best consultation allows a pharmacist to target patient “control” rates and administer quality care by offering proper tools like the Smart Card program.



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Recharge Card

For assistance in how to recharge either a patient’s or employee’s Health Management Smart Card, download or print out the instructions. For additional questions, please contact PharmaSmart CSA at (800) 781-0323.


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