The best investment is in the health of your employees



65% of hypertensive workers are either untreated or uncontrolled.

Untreated hypertension results in 33% more sick days–the #1 health related cost to employers.

PharmaSmart is proud to introduce a comprehensive, on-site blood pressure management program designed to discover and manage hypertension in the workplace before it impacts business.

The PharmaSmart program provides each employee with a personal blood pressure Smart Card which enables them to confidentially track their blood pressure over time and obtain printed reports from the PharmaSmart kiosk. Employees can also use our unique online Digital Health Tracker™ to monitor their results or share their ongoing results with loved ones or their physician. Our entire program is 100% confidential and easy to use.




Invest in your most important asset – your employees.

Benefits to Employees:

  • Access to on-site, convenient, and accurate blood pressure, BMI and Blood Sugar tracking and reporting
  • Improved access to health information and services
  • Enhanced empowerment and self-care through education and awareness
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Better health outcomes


Benefits to Employers:

  • Healthier, happier employees
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Improved productivity
  • Prevent development of costly complications associated with hypertension
  • Compliments other wellness initiatives/incentives already in place
  • Return on Investment

 Contact us today to get started on a Blood Pressure Management program at your workplace today.  


PharmaSmart programs offer today’s hospitals a cost-effective, long-term hypertension management tool that advances both inpatient and outpatient care.  


Our clinically validated technology, combined with our unique patient tool (blood pressure Smart Card) and our online Digital Health Tracker™, provide turnkey solutions for a hospital looking to streamline and improve its management of both inpatient and outpatient blood pressure screening objectives. 

Our network of retail pharmacy partners offers a unique opportunity for hospitals to collaborate in the capture and management of patient blood pressure data taken outside of the facility at convenient pharmacy locations.  

PharmaSmart’s position at the forefront of Health IT (including a partnership with Microsoft HealthVault) ensures that each hospital’s unique PharmaSmart implementation is compatible with overall patient data management objectives.  


Contact us to explore how PharmaSmart technology and programs can meet the specific needs of your hospital.  



Becoming a PharmaSmart International Reseller


Regulatory Page - Reg Officials & DrPharmaSmart is a world leader in blood pressure screening technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of medical providers, employers, pharmacists, and patients to test, track, and manage blood pressure. Our equipment currently delivers over 65 million blood pressure tests per year.

PharmaSmart distributes its own product line directly in North America. For markets outside North America, PharmaSmart is partnering with leading medical distribution organizations to develop successful, long-term global distribution channels.  

Because demand is very high for PharmaSmart products and services, all candidates must complete the PharmaSmart Reseller Candidate Qualification Questionnaire. This will initiate the formal process to becoming a qualified PharmaSmart international reseller. 


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an international reseller of PharmaSmart products. 


Contact PharmaSmart

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PharmaSmart International Qualification QA

Click here to download files:

PharmaSmart International Qualification QA.DOC | PharmaSmart International Qualification QA.PDF

PharmaSmart U™

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.26.22 AMGetting your students prepared as a holistic health care provider of quality health care services should be your #1 priority.


Today’s ecosystem of care demands personal attention and a focus on patient outcomes. The pharmacist plays a pivotal role as a provider of clinical services. One that patients rely on to help manage outcomes. Not to mention more doctors recognize the value of pharmacists. And the benefit they provide to patient care for detection and management of disease like Hypertension.


In order to successfully integrate the PharmaSmart Blood Pressure Management program into a University School of Pharmacy setting – the following criteria will need to be satisfied:

  • Objective
  • Mission
  • Overarching goal


Step #1 involves the comprehensive integration into a targeted course environment. Many schools of pharmacy often specify a class level, or open the program education to all pharmacy students. However, optimal implementation typically hinges on the schools priorities. Such as, the level of pharmacy services training and community outreach tools the school integrates as part of student education.


A dedicated program curriculum will be established and customized to the requirements set forth by the specific school of pharmacy. Most requirements remain general while others may include program specifics that may be tailored to the School of Pharmacy.


Learn More: 800.781.0323

Tech Support

Any successful biometric screening program hinges on the long-term accuracy and reliability of the equipment in the field. Our team takes pride in delivering “best in class” customer service, technical assistance, and on-site emergency field service.  


Our service quality commitment includes:

  • Complete North American Service Coverage
  • As Needed Emergency Service Visits (Must be enrolled in Master Service Agreement)
  • 24/7 dedicated 1-800 # for service support and dispatch
  • 48-72 hour, on-site service response time
  • Quality Assurance service form completed on every service visit
  • Lease and Service agreements guarantee performance
  • Detailed per-location reporting for management review


PharmaSmart’s newest kiosk enables remote assistance with same-day notification supported by an alert-response mechanism. This means that we advise you of a technical problem before your staff notices a problem. It’s all part of PharmaSmart’s commitment to maximize program performance and build a successful program on every level.  


Contact our service department today:

1-800-781-0323 or click here to go to our contact form.


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