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The personal blood pressure Smart Card is at the heart of PharmaSmart’s unique hypertension management program. Each Smart Card is equipped with a microchip that retains a confidential record of the cardholder’s blood pressure readings.  


When used with the Smart Card, the PS-2000 kiosk prints the cardholder’s last 10 readings with dates and averages of systolic, diastolic and pulse. Patient data (internet connected kiosks only) is transferred through a secure, interoperable data channel into an online portal accessible to all caregivers. An average of 10 readings over a period of time is a much better indication of a person’s blood pressure status than a single reading. When the patient brings the printed ticket to their pharmacist or healthcare provider, it allows for informed counseling, and improved patient management. The caregiver can also access their custom Digital Health Tracker™ typically linked to their website.


Each Smart Card is marked with a Unique Access Code that enables the cardholder to access their readings online using PharmaSmart’s Digital Health Tracker™ patient portal. Digital Health Tracker™ users can also share a “live link” to their personal Digital Health Tracker™ page, allowing their loved ones or healthcare provider to view and interpret their blood pressure readings on an ongoing basis.  

PharmaSmart Smart Cards can be custom branded to support our clients specific branding and messaging objectives. For our retail clients, the Smart Card drives retailer identity, customer loyalty, prescription compliance, and recurring revenues. For our worksite clients, help build a productive worksite by keeping your employees healthy!  

ACNielsen Consumer Data

    • 68% of kiosk users are interested in obtaining a Smart Card.
    • 80% of Smart Card users will share printed results with physician/pharmacist


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