Customized marketing materials

that drive visibility and maximize patient particiation

Customize Your Program


PharmaSmart offers a wide array of Blood Pressure products & services. We pledge to help you build a program that meets your needs and interests. Whether you are a pharmacy, worksite, or managed care facility, we will help you determine which program will work for you.

Every facet of our program can be customized to build your image and support your messaging. Custom branding is available for the following:

  • Smart Cards
  • Digital Health Tracker™ Web Portal
  • Top sign messages
  • Thermal printer messages (front and back)
  • LCD Screen (high resolution graphics)
  • POS Marketing Materials

Our custom branding enables you to adopt your own image building and clinical care messaging. Our blood pressure management program is yours, and we will work with you to establish the right patient, customer, or employee visibility.

PharmaSmart products and services convert pharmacists and pharmacy technicians into “Experts in Blood Pressure Management.” Program visibility, doctor detailing, and effective customer messaging are central to developing a viable, long-term hypertension education program that targets patient “control” rates.


Click below to view samples of high quality POS marketing materials that support the PharmaSmart program.

Download POS Marketing Material Placement Guide


Re-order Items

If you are a Distribution Warehouse customer, all orders must be placed directly with PharmaSmart Customer Service. 

Print Customization

1. Upload your logo
2. Choose your background color
3. Submit your order

Customize Kiosk

1. Upload your logo
2. Choose your background color
3. Submit your order

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Tent Cards

Shelf Display


Window Cling

Smart Card

Printed ticket

Doctor Detail Kit


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