PharmaSmart products and services support our core mission:


All PharmaSmart products and services support our core mission: to be the global leader in hypertension education and management through the delivery of innovative blood pressure technology, services, and patient data management.  

Our innovation begins with patented blood pressure kiosks, including our latest products which offer the option to measure additional biometrics. This combines clinical accuracy, high volume reliability, compact size, internet connectivity, and proven “ease of use” design & engineering.

Extending beyond blood pressure kiosks, PharmaSmart offers unique tools that enable confidential and effective hypertension management. This helps target patient “control” rates. These tools include our unique patient Smart Card which retains a confidential record of blood pressure readings and enables printed reports of a patient’s blood pressure history directly from the kiosk.

PharmaSmart’s new online Digital Health Tracker™ enables our kiosk users to access their blood pressure history confidentially online, where they can view and print custom graphs and charts of their blood pressure readings. Digital Health Tracker™ users can also share a “live link” to their personal Digital Health Tracker™ page, allowing their loved ones or healthcare provider to view and interpret their blood pressure readings on an ongoing basis.

All PharmaSmart technology is designed with user privacy in mind. PharmaSmart does not collect or store any names or personal information of any kind. All products and applications comply with privacy regulations, including HIPAA and PIPEDA.

Be Smart! Make PharmaSmart the cornerstone of your hypertension management programs.

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