Accurate, Integrated and Easy to Use

The PharmaSmart Model PS-2000C is a device that measures blood pressure and pulse rate.

The blood pressure kiosk integrates “Smart Card” personal blood pressure tracking, proven accuracy, and innovative design in a compact, easy-to-use kiosk. A patient’s results are then transferred to a secure HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant server and populated into an online patient health portal.

Research shows that regular blood pressure monitoring improves hypertension awareness, prescription compliance and physician reporting. The Model PS-2000C is a cost effective screening solution, ideal for pharmacies, worksites, health clubs, or other public places. Be “smart” and make PharmaSmart the cornerstone of your health screening program.



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  • Seated upper arm measurement
  • Easy to use (research proven)
  • “Smart” blood pressure tracking
  • Ensures user confidentiality
  • Scalable to meet a variety of price points
  • Compact size – 29 in x 23 in of floor space
  • Larger LCD Screen 8 in and actual image sizes are 800 x 600 resolution
  • Custom branding for LCD messaging and imaging
  • Transfers data instantly to a secure online Digital Health Tracker™
  • EMR compatible



  • Published accuracy validation
  • Customizable color monitor
  • Smart Card read/ write interface 
  • Durable thermal printer
  • Prints detailed blood pressure history and average blood pressure
  • Robust platform for connectivity
  • Applications
  • Connects to internet via Ethernet or wireless configuration
  • Remote data link for instant diagnostics and maintenance
  • Updated printer compartment
  • Instant update to custom ad pack




  • Performance guaranteed
  • Remote Service Response System
  • On-site service coverage
  • Toll free 24 hour 800 number

PharmaSmart equipment complies with the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-2:2013 standard for blood pressure measurement accuracy.

Measurement Range
Systolic 50 – 255 mmHg Diastolic 25 – 220 mmHg

Measurement Method
Oscillometric method employing stepwise pressure deflation technique.

Overpressure Limit
290 mmHg maximum

Arm Size
Circumference of 18 cm to 43 cm (7 in – 17 in)

Test Time
Typically less than 1 minute

Operating Temperature
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)

Storage Temperature
-20°C to +65°C (-4°F to 149°F)

Operating Humidity
to 90% Non-condensing

Storage Humidity
to 90% Non-condensing

Thermal printer, Smart Card read/write interface

USB, Ethernet, RS232

Input Power
100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 1.3 amps, 3-wire grounded outlet

Digital TFT Color Monitor (8 in – 800 x 600 resolution). Displays systolic and diastolic pressures and pulse rate. Provides instructions and health information. Available customization and/or advertising

114 cm (45 in)

Height (with display board)
178 cm (70 in)

76.33 cm (29 in)

58.42 cm (23 in)

Weight (base unit)
37.6 kg (83 lbs)

Weight (display board)
10.9 kg (24 lbs)

Weight (total)
48.5 kg (107 lbs)

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