Now is the time for marketers to capitalize on POC communications by leveraging their brand exposure on an in-store PharmaSmart Biometric Screening Solution


  • Advertising89% of patients watch TV or read wellness info in waiting room.
  • 66% patients said relevant communications enhances their waiting room experience.
  • 84% said POC messages made them interested in purchasing the promoted brand.
  • Pharmacists are the 2nd most trusted sources of health-care information.
  • 76% of patients recalled information they saw or heard, and those messages had an influence on health-care professionals.
  • POC communications are 2nd only to TV in terms of reach.

Understand the full impact of your sponsorship program investment including detailed message exposure data in all media (kiosk, web portal, screen shots, streaming video segmentation, mobile devices, and text and email messaging). Obtain detailed reports on usage performance and stratification by region.   

To find out more about becoming a sponsor/advertiser, contact us. 

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