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Welcome to the PharmaSmart® / Chain Drug Review “Pharmacist Challenge”.    PharmaSmart® provides community pharmacists with an innovative, clinically validated, “out-of-office” blood pressure management tool, while Chain Drug Review provides an unmatched conduit for communicating with members of the pharmacy profession.   

The purpose of this contest is to put a national spotlight on blood pressure control, and the critical role community pharmacist can play in improving patient blood pressure outcomes.   This web page will allow you (the primary pharmacy applicant) to register your pharmacy team for the “Pharmacist Challenge”.  Only one primary applicant may register per store.  Participating in the challenge will reinforce to your pharmacy team that pharmacists can and should play a major role in effective patient care.

This contest is powered by PharmaSmart®’s innovative Health IT architecture, which allows for live streaming of HIPAA compliant, patient self-measured biometric data, and timely, geo-located data analytics.   This will allow all pharmacies participating in the challenge to access their performance data, and will be the basis of the contest awards.  

A secure and dedicated portal that delivers de-identified results will be accessible through both Chain Drug Review’s and PharmaSmart® International Inc. website and powered by PS DataSmart®.   Your pharmacy’s primary participant will access your confidential performance data throughout the one-year program duration.  

Pharmacies that have the most success in helping patients lower their blood pressure will have the option to receive prizes as specified under contest disclaimer. Rules for participation, program registration and specifics about the initiative can all be found in the contest disclaimer section..

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About PharmaSmart®:

PharmaSmart® offers pharmacists and physicians a credible, accessible, low-cost solution for monitoring blood pressure that they can recommend to their patients. It offers pharmacists a unique opportunity to coordinate care with local physicians in support of improved hypertension screening, diagnosis and therapy management.   For more information visit our web page: www.pharmasmart.com.

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