To be the global leader in hypertension education and management through the delivery of innovative blood pressure technology, services, and patient data management.


The PharmaSmart mission is supported by our team commitment to the following pillars:

Ease of Use


PharmaSmart was founded on the premise that any blood pressure management tool should be easy to use. Approximately 9 out of 10 people will develop hypertension in their lifetime, and it is our goal that all of them will be able to use PharmaSmart technology to track their blood pressure. We are committed to a one-button philosophy. No menus, no usernames, no passwords, no hassles.



No PharmaSmart device will be put on the market without an independently published, peer-reviewed clinical accuracy validation. While our device class does not require published accuracy validation, PharmaSmart’s accuracy commitment does.



Patient confidentiality is a PharmaSmart pillar. PharmaSmart is HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant and does not collect or store any patient names, or personal data.



PharmaSmart offers internet ready Health Screening Kiosk products through 3g/4g, CAT-5 or Wi-Fi. This core technology commitment ensures that all of our clients (and their patients) will have the option to utilize our patented Digital Health Tracker™ patient portal with seamless access to PS DataSmart® the world’s most robust “real-time” blood pressure data repository. PharmaSmart’s unique, internet ready data platform positions PharmaSmart as a world leader in cost-effective screening, management and delivery of blood pressure data between patients and their healthcare providers. PharmaSmart is working with organizations such as Microsoft HealthVault, the Continua Health Alliance, and other leading industry partners to improve the integration and management of health information worldwide.

Program Execution


PharmaSmart recognizes that technology is only half of the equation. Many of our Kiosks are located in retail pharmacies, where our technology is supported by pharmacists and pharmacy techs, among the most trusted of all professionals. PharmaSmart has developed a structured and disciplined program for our retail partners. We work directly with pharmacy staff, providing the tools and training to maximize overall execution and visibility of the PharmaSmart blood pressure program. This commitment to program and execution support enables us to transition pharmacy staff into Experts in Blood Pressure Management, ensuring patient participation, and delivering sustained, long-term results.

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