The owners of PharmaSmart were among the first North American distributors of automated blood pressure kiosks. They introduced the concept of self-serve blood pressure kiosks to pharmacies and corporate worksites across Canada and New York State. As early distributors of that product, they grew the business rapidly. Year after year, they were awarded the manufacturer’s award for being North America’s #1 and fastest growing distributor.


Over time, however, their valued customers (mostly leaders in the pharmacy industry) were asking for more advanced technology. They wanted blood pressure kiosks to deliver greater value and to better assist patients, pharmacists, and physicians in the management of blood pressure.


That’s when PharmaSmart was formed. PharmaSmart’s mission was to “raise the bar” and deliver the world’s most advanced line of blood pressure kiosk technology that would:


  • Provide patients, pharmacists, and physicians the tools necessary to better manage blood pressure.
  • Deliver the most accurate and reliable automated blood pressure kiosks in the industry.
  • Place a premium on ease of use, one-button technology, and a 100% focus on hypertension.
  • Deliver a disciplined and structured pharmacy services platform focused solely on hypertension, obesity, and data tracking for the hypertensive, obese, and diabetic patient, making pharmacy staffs “Experts in Blood Pressure Management.”
  • Develop new, sustainable sources of revenue for an improved pharmacy bottom line.


PharmaSmart has delivered on its promise to raise the bar. PharmaSmart technology withstands the scrutiny of the medical community with validated and published clinical accuracy. It delivers easy-to-use tools (kiosks, Smart Cards, print outs, online Digital Health Tracker™, and a structured pharmacy services approach) to help patients and pharmacists to become experts in blood pressure management and increase store profits.


PharmaSmart has already placed over 6,500 blood pressure kiosks in North America and provides more than 65 million blood pressure measurements annually. Its PS DataSmart® registers over one million targeted blood pressure readings per month. It continues to rapidly grow toward its goal of becoming the world’s #1 automated blood pressure kiosk provider. Look for our full line of technology in a pharmacy, work-site, hospital, or health club near you.


Frederick W. Sarkis, II
President and CEO

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